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nice planning

John Dirks Jr

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Very early on when I'd got started in this gig nearly 17 years ago, I was in a new home and rolled a frig out from the wall so that I could inspect the ice maker valve and test the receptacle on the wall behind it. As I rolled it back into place, I realized that the hard plastic casters built into the unit had left two impressions of themselves in the new wood flooring. The builder when ballistic and was happy to take more cash from me for the repair than I'd made that day.

Since then, I don't pull friges out from walls....period.



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Ditto here, no fridge pulling for me. Especially one that is packed to the brim with bottles and beer cans. My number one concern is for the flooring. Numbers 2 and 3 are busting my back and spilling a bunch of food.

One place I remember, the seller's two sons pulled the fridge out for me, sure, no problem. The panel cover was missing, even better. [:)]

Here's my hidden panel of the month. I peeked behind every painting and there was a bunch of paintings in this condo unit. Finally caught a glimpse of the upper portion of this panel behind the hall closet. Check out the black cover for the inside.

The flashlight is not mine, BTW.

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