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10-2-3 Rule question

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2 feet higher than anything within 10 feet still applies. The primary consideration here is draft not fuel, although there are minor differences for the actual height above the roof for different fuels.

B vent:

1 foot above a 6-in-12 roof

2 feet above a 9-in-12

4 feet above a 12-in-12

L vents at least 2 feet above the roof

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So, it's a Heatilator brand 48" direct vent pipe. It has a 4" inner opening and the pipe is 6-5/8" in. outer diameter. The bottom of the opening is 5.1 times its diameter above the roof which makes it 34.22 inches to the opening. It looks like about a 9:12 or a 10:12 pitch which requires a 30inch height.

As I said, it's fine.



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