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Boiler Heat Exchanger

Mike Lamb

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From what I can see in that small area, it looks like some seepage between cast iron sections. It could be failed seals. It could also be from a boiler that sits "cold" all summer. It might be an oversized boiler or no boiler bypass resulting in rapid, rather than gradual, expansion or contraction of the cast iron.

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Tuning in from the PRC, Hubei Province, Wuhan, Wuchang District.....internet access is sketchy at best, so not sure if this'll post. The name of the coffee shop where I'm ensconced (translated literally) is "Long Iniquity", a Chinese rebel yell into the ether.

We (me and my workmates) call those section leaks. It's one of the very few things I might list as something to watch and monitor. My guess is it's a very minor problem, caused by the things Bill noted.

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Hi Kurt,

Good to hear from you. I've always called those section leaks too. I think the media between sections oozes a little bit of water over time. As long as it's automatically refilling I don't worry about it unless it's causing issues with other parts of the boiler - steel through rods, pans, etc..

I've looked at 80 year old boilers where that stuff has developed to the point of being something you'd see in an underground cavern 'cuz they'd never bothered to clean the boilers.



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Hey Bro'....I got through.

When it's bad it's like you said....stalactites and white foaming crap. This one's minor.

I wish you here. The scale, intensity, and general crazy ass approach of Chinese construction is overwhelming. It goes from the sublime to the ridiculous to "WTF is that?" and back to the sublime quicker than can be described.

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I wish I'd made the trip with you this year. Wife left for Berkina Faso three weeks ago on a mission for her church. I picked her up at the airport a week ago and on Monday she got word that her 93-year old mother is ailing again in Korea; so, off she went to Korea. I put her on the plane Saturday morning. She won't be back for nearly a month, possibly longer.

It's me and Peanut. Two bachelors.



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