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Stucco condition


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My son, 300 miles away, is looking at buying this house.

The photos show the siding too close to the flatwork, vents covered by deck, no casing beads, possible leak at roof to chimney. Anything else? The wall sure holds the water.

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There is something not right with the stucco for it to be that absorbent, IMO. I see wet stucco fairly often but the top coat should shed water, not soak it up like that. He may want to look into having the stucco refinished professionally. JMO.

If there is a masonry chimney behind the stucco it won't be too badly damaged, or maybe it is time to pull the chimney down and go to a direct vent gas fireplace.

The heat pump is a plus, as long as it has life left in it. 15 years is the norm for the outdoor unit, but they can last longer, and they can be rebuilt.

I would hope there is no trouble in the crawlspace. Looks like a sturdy little house that needs some TLC.

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Pic # 1 is a framed chase with a metal cap. It (the cap) is leaking as badly as the flashing at the roof.

Look closely at pic #2. There are two horizontal cracks on the right wall. From left to right about 1/3 of the way across and from right to left a few inches lower and more than 2/3 across.

Pic #3 the windows are leaking.

What does a stucco replacement cost these days?

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