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Room Smells Like Dirty Armpit

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If the smell wasn't delicate, then your description of it shouldn't be either. If it was awful, say so.

The tricky part for me would be: What do you tell them to do about it?

Observation: The smell in that room would knock a buzzard off a shitwagon.

Analysis: It's uninhabitable.

Recommendation: Consult with a reputable room de-smeller?

We used to have a firm in the Boston area that guaranteed they could remove any smell from any room, but they left the area a few years back. What do other folks recommend?

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I say there is " an intolerable odor of some kind' at such and such and for them to get estimates for costs to remove it that may include refinishing of interior surfaces or removal/replacement of them.. " Something like that.. Then I'd just look at one of the clients or realtor and ask them, 'what does it smell like to you.. ? " They answer.. and their answers go in the report. "Client stated it smelled like body odor'.. :)

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