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Any idea what this is?

Neal Lewis

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Maybe because it's fresh wood or a soft variety. Might not be so easy with dried wood or a hardwood.

Or maybe I'm just a born skeptic.


I live on 10-acre walnut orchard and, when we first moved here, 24 years ago, we heated exclusively with wood. Nowadays, I only split about 2 cords a year.

If I wanted to make my wife split the wood, I'd get her that gadget. As long as I do the splitting, I'll just stick with the maul. I suspect it's a lot easier on my joints than that thing would be. That action of lifting the weight straight up would kill my rotator cuff and slamming it down would kill my elbows.

A properly used maul is much less stressful. (Unless you miss and hit the maul handle.)

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If you like using a maul, check this out. After seeing this, I gave it a try with a regular tire like he has, but without the block. After one round of my trial, I wasted no time hunting down a used 15 inch wide supermodified race car tire. Pretty much the same thing as an Indy car tire. Easy to find in this town.

This guy does a terrible job demonstrating. It's much easier if you circle the tire as you split instead of reaching over like he is. The tire stops the handle with a dead blow. It doesn't bounce back at all. If you get a wide enough tire and you're good with the maul, you don't need the block.

It's so much fun to use, you need to be careful not to split everything you have into match sticks.


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