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My birth date issue was all about the new model year. International Harvester still made pick ups. Chrysler debuted optional 4 wheel anti skid brakes. AMC built a mid engine monster, the Triumph Stag came to America, and Datsun promised to build 100 freon engine cars for us consumers. And it wasn't just cars; Evinrude had loads of new features on their outboards, there was a great article on snowmobiles and the rumors that Harley Davidson was going to get into the market, and a primer on the new trail motorcycles.

On the home front, ventilation was about selecting the right fan for the room, Hi Fi was 50 watts, and on the cutting edge of home theater tech was open reel vs cartridge projectors. DIY projects ranged from changing a light switch to building a steel workbench, plans for some ugly furniture, the proper way to spray paint, a how-to on installing sliding glass doors, and my favorite- build your very own electronic banjo.

The collection is very cool, but not as satisfying to read as the vintage hard cover encyclopedia version my father-in-law has. Maybe that'll keep me from wasting the next month. Maybe.

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My BD issue has "Skyhook for a Rocket (shows a rocket over earth, a helium ballon, and a hook trying to grab the rocket....very strange), What's ahead in TV...an interview with Allen Dumont (the guy that made the improvements to cathode ray tubes that allowed TV!), How to Motorized a Wheelchair, the Owner's Report on Dodge by Floyd Clymer...."

When I was 6, they had "10 Years From Now.....Coast to Coast in 10 Minutes!!!" There's a tandem rocket blasting across N. America.

This is a great link!!!!

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My birthday issue - a Dick Tracy wrist radio made with the new sub-minitubes! It has a circuit board made by painting lines on a piece of hardboard! Wow.

What happened to the self-levelling ladder with hydraulic feet?

Jet engines for passenger planes? Too much.

Hey, Richard. June 1960, page 72. The Austin 850 Mini comes to the USA.

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