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Adhered Stone Veneer Support

Mike Lamb

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The IRC says stone veneer should be supported by wood or steel at the foundation, and by lintels above doors and windows.

I'm seeing cracks in the masonry of this house above the garage door and above a bay window roof. None are supported by a shelf.

I'm looking through installation instructions from the Masonry Veneer Manufacturing Association and they don't show any details concerning support of the masonry veneer. Any suggestions?

Besides the IRC and this guide that I downloaded from the MVMA, what other authoritative sources can I look at for detailed installation instructions?

http://www.masonryveneer.org/pdf/MVMA%2 ... _Final.pdf

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The MVMA instructions is for adhered concrete masonry veneer, not stone. Your pictures sure look like it's adhered concrete masonry veneer and not real stone.

The cracks don't look like it has anything to do with supports. If it is adhered concrete masonry veneer, think of it as a stucco-coated wall with thin slabs of preformed stucco stuck into it. That and the rules for stucco and the MVMA instructions will likely point to the cause of the cracks.

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Hmm. That is concrete? How can you tell? I see this rarely if ever.

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One way I verify concrete masonry veneer is air bubbles. Get really close. Use a magnifying glass if you have to. You can see the tiny air bubble holes that develop on the edges of the form when they're made.

I know I got pictures of em around here somewhere.

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