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can a negative slope be fixed with raised beds?

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thank you very much for that.

was very clear, a lot of good information and got the point across to not take on the french drains myself.

All I was looking for. Have a good night.

That's ok.

You'll screw it up.

A few years from now, some home inspector from Chelmsford will log on and say, "Hey guys, you'll never believe the screwed up drainage system that I saw around this house today. . . "

(Imagine I put a smiley thing here so that I can get away with being rude.)

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Lots of foundations have a little negative slope immediately next to the foundation. It's where the backfill was tossed back into the foundation hole without being compacted and after the soil settled nobody ever bothered to add some more soil.

If you don't currently have any issues caused by negative drainage next to the foundation, and it's just nagging at you because the inspector said to fix it, Just remove the sod from the surface next to the foundation and add soil to build up the grade next to the house so that it slopes continuously away. You don't need to try and put in curtain drains, or French drains or anything else. As long as the ground slopes away for that first six feet or so, everything will be hunky dory.

Psst: If there weren't any issues caused by that negative slope, the inspector probably didn't tell you that commenting about twelve inches of soil draining toward the foundation was just him covering his tush. He probably didn't realistically expect anything to happen if you left things the way they are.



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