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Mold in air circulation/on air vents?

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I recently complained to my landlord about a leaking roof and water running down my wall on my second story town home. He came and "repaired" the leak, but a second crew came (apparently hired by him) to caulk up the popcorn ceiling that was damaged as well. They took a look in the attic and said there are multiple holes still there and I'm going to continue to have water leaks.

My landlord isn't really responsive. Can you help me identify this and let me know what your opinion on it is so I can come to him with all the facts? I'm thinking there's pores in the air now coming form the walls or attic (which I can't access). What do you think?

Thank you!





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My guess is that it's a combination of rust, mold and dust. The mold would be your biggest concern because it's alive and reproduces by spewing spores into the air, not that the spores in normal concentrations are bad but that its inside your house and so the spore concentrations might get beyond what's considered normal. 'Normal' is whatever the concentrations are outside the house. Too much of anything is not good. The mold needs to be removed pronto. The spores are born pregnant! Kidding, but do have it removed.


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Yeah, forget the mold. Move. The landlord's not going to fix anything effectively, and you will continue to have mold growth.

Don't think you can clean up the mold without first fixing the water leaks.

Yeah kurt, Am agree with you about fixing the water leak problem before mold clean up.


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Remove Mold on Air Vents With Dawn Dish Soap !
Turn off your AC unit. Remove the air vent grill and place it in a basin of warm soapy water for one hour. While it soaks, use a HEPA vacuum to clean the inside of the air vents. Use a rag soaked in soapy water to clean the vent grills and air ducts. Let everything air dry thoroughly.

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