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Fungus ID request

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Can somebody help me identify this fungus?

I study ants, and after I brought some dirt back from the Mojave desert in California, I noticed a lot of this fungus growing in it after it got damp. Ever since, it keeps popping up in different places. One thing I notice, is that my springtales don't seem to eat it, unlike most other mold they eat up immediately. This stuff is becoming a real nuisance. I have since bought a HEPA filter in hopes to stop the spread of it in my apartment. Would this be some species of Aspergillus, I hope not?

This is he best picture I could get of it. This ant died, and soon after was completely covered in it.


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Okay, thank you. Sorry about that.

Wow, that name doesn't even bring up a single result on Google. I guess there is a university near by, good idea. I actually found another forum that looks like it might be the right place for this. Thanks guys.

please post a link so i/others could benefit

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Scott has a point. This could be just another of the numerous mutant species that originated during that period of nuclear tests that have yet to be identified and catalogued. The number of un-catalogued mutants has trailed off in the last couple decades but this fungus mutant perhaps has been elusive...until now.


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Did you see the movie The Hills Have Eyes?

That's what the spawn of those folks looks like half a day out of the womb. Better look out. It grows at 100,000 times it's size per day. By tomorrow night it will be dragging you down to the local butcher shop to section you out for dinner.

OT - OF!!!


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