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Contract Question

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I'm not sure if this is the right category for my question but I will give it a shot! I'm looking for a website that might have a few good examples of recent contracts. Since it's a new year I want to see if my agreement is missing any important language that will help me if I ever get a lawsuit filed against me......perish the thought lol! Any suggestions appreciated, thank you!

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Contact Attorney Joe Ferry at joeferry.com

He's specializes in home inspector needs. I've seen several HI contracts that had been 'reviewed' by an attorney. All were bad enough for any HI with decent common sense to pick apart.


PS. Those that don't like Ferry, my seat belt is fastened, so let me have it.

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Joe is not for everyone, but he has been around for the long run. Never pictured Marc and Joe Ferry working together! Go to a local atty and draft a contract she can defend.

Edit: came back to this after a few minutes to ask why you think you need a contract?

Do you need it for your protection or for your client's protection? Does it outline what you will do? Does it manage client expectations?

Contracts are unique. My "contract" is really different from my competition. My "contract" is where I get my first exchange with the client. It is a great opportunity to get to know them and be sure they know what I can do and will do. It works for me because I do 99% of my inspections with a client on-site. I spend couple hours with my client and need a mechanism to introduce myself; contract.

I guess my real point is to advise you to go to an atty and establish a relationship with her. it is cheap and will give you some peace of mind.

I have never worried about being sued.

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Always keep in mind that no contract is going to have absolute power in keeping you out of trouble. If an attorney can convince a jury you did wrong, you loose.

A jury trial for HI? Isn't it more likely to be a judge in civil court? But then you are in Maryland, right. [:)]

Yup, litigants can request jury trial for civil cases here. A judge could be deciding your fate as well, such as you mentioned.

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It needs to be specific to your state if that state requires a PIA. In NJ & NY they list for you certain items that it must contain. NY even tells you what font size to use, no fine print.

I performed an inspection several years ago for a client who was a law school buddy of the attorney that I had paid a lot of money to review and revise my PIA. When he read it he said he was not happy with some areas of the contract but would sign it regardless. I assured him that if we all did our jobs it would be just fine.

The people who write the contracts are likely the most proficient at deconstructing the same.

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