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Electrical Service outside a weather head?


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1947 house. Saw this on this morning's inspection:


runs to this:


Possibly coincidental with adding the more-modern sub-panel, the person who did the wiring routed it over the existing weather head and through the mast shown.

Have any of you seen wiring of this quality and type, and can this really be to code?

As always, this beginner appreciates the help and continuing education from all who offer it.

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To fix a failure on my side of the meter box (and concurrently to switch to 200-amp service) in my own home 5-6 years back, I did a bunch of wiring while being unhooked form the power, and the power company would not hook me back up until the city inspector approved the work. Fortunately, I did everything right and got it approved right away.

This house is also city of Seattle, and I doubt this work got any approvals

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Wider angle pictures might show more but I see three issues.

1. No drip loop at the splice.

2. The weather head should not be laying sideways.

3. Inadequate support for the service entrance cable.

Add this to the list :

#4) service head should be attached above the point of attachment of the service drop or overhead service conductors.

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