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roof exhaust hood


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An 800 cfm range hood. New range with an 18,000 btu wok burner needs good exhaust.

8" pipe straight up out of the fan, through the roof. The radius minimizes turbulence and static pressure. The sucker really moves some air.

I have an 800 cfm fan too. I get agita very time it's on in the winter. It's a fancy thing and it turns itself on in response to high temp or high humidity. It'll suck the heat out of your house like every door is open. It ain't your standard range hood.

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Nice. What about noise? Baffled? Metal looks cool when it is new and can tell stories when it gets a little patina.

It's a little loud when it's in full burst mode @ 800 cfm. At lower rpm's it's remarkably quiet. There's a baffle on top of the hood, and we stuck another one in the 8" duct....gasketed, springs so it doesn't rattle.

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Kurt,be sure to check the soil for lead! Don't use that stuff from the old house.

I wanted a central exhaust system, but could not get past the noise. Very quiet at intakes, but very noisy at fan. Went with a little better turbo boost at micro and added an extra fan at bathrooms.

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