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Tankless question


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I've used tankless heaters for radiant heating. The only concern is keeping the input temperature at or below the recommended maximum and the output at or below 135 degrees Fahrenheit.

The heater doesn't care that it's heating the same water over and over and the circulator provides enough flow to start the firing sequence.

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I'm doing bank draws on a home that has about 1500 sf of radiant floor heat in its bathrooms and dance studio. They are using a tankless unit with a 5 gallon electric water heater, similar to what is needed for a recirculation pump on a tankless system. I was asking about this just last month when it was being installed. The contractor said it was the best and really the only way to install it so that it works properly.

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Marc I could search for pics.

The domestic supply is kept separate by running a pipe with a check valve to the heating loop. That supply Tee will have a shutoff valve and the check valve supplies make-up water to the closed loop when it is needed.

Here are two systems both with tanks added. The first was a residence of about 2400 sq ft. This was a repo, not completed.

The big Veismann system 3rd pic was in a colossal residence with a theatre and games room but only 3 bedrooms.

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