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Glimpse Into US Drone Rules?


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I've been looking into it, but have not yet and still use mine often. I see it more of a tool to help me in an inspection rather than me charging for a "drone" service. I know what the rules are, but it makes me feel better about it lol!

If you're low key about it and are not posting a video of yourself flying over a football stadium, near an air field, over a fire or something, you'll stay out of trouble.

Most police or authority for that matter don't know the rules. There really isn't anyone to enforce them as of yet. The worst that has happened to someone is a phone call from the FAA telling you to follow the rules.

Youtube is full of videos of "illegal drone activity".

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I climb most roofs so this will be used mostly for large commercial work - like taking an aerial photo to label HVAC and other roof mounted equipment locations. It'll also be handy for cathedral towers that don't have access from the interior.

I'm probably still going to get the certificate. I get the occasional jobs that require federal security checks. If I whip out a spy copter I should have the clearance and credential.

I was just wondering about the exam. The referenced documents for test prep seem over the top for hovering a chunk of plastic.

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In that case, more commercial vs residential, it would probably be best to the unmanned aircraft license.

Scott is correct from what I've heard. You need to know what airspace is, the differences in the air space, the heights of the air space, and safe distances to fly within or up to the airspace. There're many test prep course to take to prepare for the test. Once you understand what to study and what to learn, I'm sure you wont have a problem at all.

At the end of the day it's going to be easier, faster and cheaper to get a part 107 vs the previous 333 exception.

What drone did you get?

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