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Standing Seam Roofing


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Flashing and penetrations are definitely the big issues. Being familiar with the types of flashings recommended by the manufacturers is important. When you order metal roofing, there are lots of shapes available, and sometimes guys order the wrong stuff and use it anyway. You should know what a sidewall, headwall, skylight, ridge, rake, hip/valley, etc. are supposed to look like.

I have seen issues with early paint failure, sometimes a manufacturer issue and sometimes damage caused by guys working on it or scratching it during installation. Looked at one recently where guys building a stone chimney above the roof had scratched the heck out of the metal in that area, and all the way down to where they had their ladder. There was rust bubbling up through hundreds of small scratches, not quite visible from the ground... yet.

If there are any exposed screws with rubber washers, you might want to comment on whether they are coming due for replacement. Same goes for pipe boots.

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I would stay off unless something needs a closer look. In that case I try to get a ladder up to the peak so that I can walk the ridge. Or crawl if nobody/s around to laugh at me. [:)]

I had one in January that looked fine from the ladder but there was a wet spot in the attic. I think they screwed up on the ridge capping. The sheets were all full length and the seams were tight.

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