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DW drain ?


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If it's a modern dishwasher with a built in high loop, I don't see a problem with it.

Discharges to the drain through a trap so sewer gases won't be coming into the house.

I'd like to see a more consistent slope but it IS a pumped line, not a gravity drain.

What is YOUR issue with it?

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Good memory Bill, I don't think CA has ever allowed the high loop installation.

CPC 2013

807.4 Domestic Dishwashing Machine. No domestic dish-

washing machine shall be directly connected to a drainage

system or food waste disposer without the use of an

approved dishwasher air gap on the discharge side of

the dishwashing machine. Listed air gaps shall be installed

with the flood-level (FL) marking at or above the flood

level of the sink or drainboard, whichever is higher.

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