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Flow Controls-- MP regulators

Brandon Whitmore

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I'm doing a little research, and hoping some of you can help....

Section G2421 of the ORSC: Oregon Code

requires flow controls (MP regulators) be listed as complying with ANSI Z21.80 spec's.

Do y'all in other states have this same requirement?

After doing some digging into which regulators have been tested to those specifications, I'm not finding many. I'm slowly compiling a list of regulators with this approval.

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Thanks for the responses guys. This is probably not something within the scope of an inspection, but has been a code requirement here in OR for at least the last 3 code cycles.

Ansi Z21.80 is the standard for line pressure regulators (e.g., dropping from 2psi to low pressure). The vast majority of the MP/ Secondary regulators I run into in use are considered service regulators.

The installers don't seem to know the difference; they just use whatever the salesman spec's/ sells them. Over half of all regulators I check aren't approved for their listed/ intended purpose. At least, they don't seem to be-- I'm far from an expert, and have our engineers digging further...

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