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The Sure House - Hurricane Resistant

Nolan Kienitz

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It's the right idea, sort of, but it's also the wrong idea. I really like the house and concept, but why are building everything at the shoreline? Yes, I know, because people like the shore, but.....

Forget the politics of climate change for a while, and just think about the ideas of access to shorelines, cultural enjoyment of the commons of the shore, or similarly un-American ideas about how to live, meaning things like shorelines are extremely limited resources and mucking it all up with a couple people's houses is really poor policy.

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Pulled out my generator yesterday, filled it with ten gallons, pulled the cord a dozen times with no results. Then I turned the switch on and it started on the first pull. Senior moments happen at the strangest times.

But the latest reports put it out to sea.

I could not resist ... [^]

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Very obvious to me that engineers designed the house. They mention "Architecture" but I don't see any.

The house may or may not survive a storm and be energy efficient. The bigger question to me is if anyone would actually want to occupy it.

I understand that it is a concept project but better a design would help sell the concept.

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