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Photo Compression Software

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I recently got a new laptop and started to download all of the software needed for Home Inspection Reports. I used Picasa in the past for Photo compression so I could insert photos into a report without making the report too large. When I went to look for Picasa, I found that Google had bought it and did away with it so they could direct customers to Google Photos. Problem is Google photos does'nt do what is needed.

Does anyone have photo compression software that they use, like, and would recommend? I've looked at some but would like some ideas from the people who actually use the products.

Thanks in advance.

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If all you need is to resize photos, go here and install the picture resizer for Windows:


Install of opening the pictures in a new program, you just highlight as few or as many as you want, right-click them, and choose "resize" from the context menu. The program doesn't replace the pictures (unless you ask it to); it creates resized versions. You can pick the size.

It's very quick and very simple, but that's all that it does.

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Most software programs have built in photo editors, at least mine does. However you might want to try downloading "windows powertoys image resizer". It works real easy, just right click on a photo and select "resize photos". Here's a screen shot of the window that will open.

Click to Enlarge


Still using XP are we?

The powertoys resizer doesn't work on anything after XP. I gave the link to the newer version in post #8 above.

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No I am using Windows 10. I guess it's just a built in feature now. Still works like it did in earlier Windows XP and 7.

It's definitely not built into any of my Windows 10 machines.

Did you upgrade and perhaps carry it over from an older machine?

Yes I upgraded from Windows 7 to 10. It must have just carried over. Resizer works like it always has.

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