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Does the 2014 NEC require GFCI for refrigerator


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Does the 2014 NEC require kitchen refrigerator outlets to be GFCI protected?

I've read different opinions and the local "big city" AHJ does require them to be GFCI protected while other smaller ones do not.

Your thoughts?

It depends on the location of the receptacle:

If it's located within 6' of the edge of a sink, then it should be GFCI protected.

If it serves the countertop, then it should be GFCI protected.

This isn't new to the 2014 edition, it was in the 2011 edition as well.

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I have noticed that with the preponderance of new regulations for GFCI, AFCI,and combo's it is difficult to determine what type of breakers are present . The requirement in Massachusetts is to document the number of GFCI and AFCI breakers in the panel . (not sure why) These breaker have all different colored buttons , some don't even indicate their function . So in short , it would be hard to tell if the damn fridge was on a GFI/AFCI/Combo at a glance .

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my understanding is the "dedicated receptacle" for the refer is not required to be gfci

http://www.ecmag.com/section/codes-stan ... ok-part-ii


That was my understanding as well just a dedicated receptacle or line however you want to refer to it.

I read through both of Barry's links, but I don't see anything that supports that contention. I feel like a dope, but where in those links (or better yet, in the NEC) does it have this exception?

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