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Found this in a garage next to the old oil tank mounting pipes. It looks like an old well stem, but it's small, about 3 1/2". There's a threaded pipe coming off the side like a conduit connection.

Any ideas? In the establishing shot, it's at the upper right hand corner.

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Could it be associated with some type of underground fuel storage tank/gas pump for the vehicles? Something similar to a manual water well pump but used for gas?

Did you recommend a tank sweep?

Yeah. That's the concern...next to where an old fuel storage tank sat, small for a well stem, hmmmm... Maybe a test well, but it looks too old.

I put it in the report for further analysis, tank check, etc.

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I might lean toward well casing then; I've never seen a well casing <4". This was in a 1956 house out in a suburb that was way on the periphery back then....could've easily been on a private well. The tank sweep came up empty.

I'd say it could be a well head.

Altho 1956 is the right era for Mole men.

Too narrow for the Hoovermobile, but maybe an airshaft?

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