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Old Vick


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1880's house with one ceiling lamp in each room. No switches, no outlets till you get back to the additions. 1900 sq ft. (3) 20 amp circuits.

Chimney a gonner.

Roof toast.

Plumbing bad.

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Other than that it could be a nice fixer upper.

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I have had a few 110 volt services . The best was a Bungalo in Dedham , MA . The home was built cira 1915 and had 1 owner . Very few updates were done . The original gas stove /water heater was still in place , but the active water heater was a heat exchanger off the steam boiler . Water from the tap was 180 degrees ! The original electrical system was still in place , 3 circuits , all knob and tube wiring and a wooded fuse panel . The house was like a museum , the kitchen and bathroom were original and in pristine condition .

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