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I had an epiphany!

Leighton Jantz

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I made my own insulation measuring tool, maybe some of you have been doing this for years. Took a piece of sheet metal, folded edges over (stiffens tool and prevents getting cut). Then attached a couple of cabinet door magnets to the rail of my "indoor" ladder, always handy! Do I need a patent?

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It's set up for blown-in fibreglass insulation which is most common in my area. I find it handy, 4 out of 6 or 7 inspections it works. Older homes with multiple layers of different insulation- it won't work either. You kind of need to use your judgment. It's a tool, you have to be smarter than the tool. Anyone know how I can delete "epiphany" from thread title?

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How can that work, 1" of blown in can have R-value of 2.2-4.3 depending on settlement. If you have 10" of insulation that could be R-value of anywhere from R-22 to R-43? My point is this isn't exact, it's handy.

Perhaps that's relative. I either eyeball it or use a tape measure.

Creativity is always good though, keeps your mind young.


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Since there are 4 sides to a piece of angle sheet metal, you could draw 4 different scales on there and just face the correct one to the camera.

Fiberglass, cellulose, Rocksul, uh ....shredded bark? [:)]

Now about your choice of ladders: Fiberglass is heavy but you are a big boy.

I used one of those for a portable desk, added a plywood tray with 2 zap straps. I did the odd attic hatch but was not thrilled stepping down onto the top step, which is not a step.

My conclusion is that you are not venturing into the attic. Your choice, but walking or crawling the attic reveals stuff nobody sees such as mold, loose pipes, wasp nests, cracked rafters and more. Fire damage.

If Telesteps is too light duty for you, an aluminum extension ladder can slide into a closet, past the clothes pole, easier than any step ladder.

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