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I consider reports as the best litmus test there is for inspector competency so I'm glad to see others headed in that same general direction.

Your page has far too many words for the few points you're trying to get across. Forget about explaining the characteristics of bad/good reports. Just tell them to read report samples from a prospective inspector, one paragraph at a time, with two questions in their heads:

  • Do you understand what the inspector is saying?
  • Is it useful info, something you would want to know?
  • Does the inspector give you what you need to know right there or does he send you off elsewhere?


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A couple of quick points;

I would not "recommend" that your client read the whole report. I would state "It is the responsibility of the Client to read the entire report." Next, put the Summary first, then the full report. Make sure you show that the Summary is ended, write something like "This is the end of the Summary, the full inspection report follows". This is a great place to place the first statement I suggested also. Third, too wordy. Example - "bedroom windows do not meet the current national standards for emergency egress " that's all that you need, not all the explanation of what the current standard is, if anything, put a link to a webpage for their info. Remember, let your pictures talk for you - why state it is a one story home when I can see that.

Overall, good.

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Thanks to all, I'll try to cut it down over the weekend.


I was asking about my web page, not my example report.

But since you mentioned it, I put the summary at the end, this way you have to at least thumb thru the report to get to the summary.

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