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New site looks great. Gonna take a bit to get used to the new buttons.

One thing that didn't get fixed is the image size limit. I have thousands of pictures on my phone. Hundreds of them are decent, dozens of them worth sharing here.

Alas, I can't share them because they are too big and my phone doesn't have a resizer app.

Anybody got a good app that won't bombard me with ads or steal my data? Samsung Galaxy S6.

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The limit was actually set on the server and it was only 2MB I upped it to 16MB for now. This software is different than the old obviously... before if the image was large it would make a thumbnail and link to the larger image that also was restrained in size. This software is similar except there is no restraint on the larger image that I can find at this point.

How big of an image should we allow so it doesn't bother users that open them is the question?

Not worried about storage or bandwidth really we have 12,000.00 MB storage set now and we can up it. We are around 3,000MB.

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