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Traveling to the West

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I-90 through the Cascades offers lots of scenic views. Up at the crest is a ski area near a lake. I can't remember the name of it, (it might be "Summit") but the view is nice. The mountains get more steep-sided as you proceed west from the summit.

If you can, take your time. There are small town and shops to explore, if you are into that. (I love to wander about....)

There is a town a little ways above I-90 called "Leavenworth." Look it up. I haven't been there personally, but three of my daughters have and they loved it.

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Let me know when you'll be in Portland and we can meet up somewhere. 

What time of year? 

I suggest that, after Portland, you head west, see the Oregon wine country, and head for the coast. Take highway 101 into California. It's a much more interesting drive than I-5. Perhaps cut back east on 128 and go through Napa before heading into San Francisco. 

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