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Anyone familiar with this window trim?


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I saw this window trim today on a recently built house. I was doing a structural inspection, so I did not take time to look at it closely. Can anyone identify the brand?

It looks good, from about 100 yards away. Maybe Lego will get into the business next.

P8029326 (1024x683).jpg

P8029327 (1024x683).jpg

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People complained that vinyl windows didn't look like real windows so manufacturers started putting brickmold on them. It's supposed to be installed like a brickmold window, tight against the sheathing with a drip cap.

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Fooking autocorrect.
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On 8/7/2017 at 5:58 AM, Steven Hockstein said:

It is a good example of when people apply decorative building elements without any consideration of how the faux parts/materials would be used if they were the real thing. One of the most common examples of this is when I see faux stone or bricks installed on cantilevers. It looks ridiculous to me.

We pulled the brick facade off our place while doing termite damage removal. Had to get into the wall below the level of the bricks, which came to just under the window. When we finally got enough courses removed, we discovered that the jutting out room was a cantilever arrangement. At least the original installation hid the fact.

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