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S-trap in new construction


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Hello All,

Is this not an S-trap? This is brand new construction, the house has never been lived in. Is there something I am missing? The first picture is under the kitchen sink. The extension is not 2x the diameter of the pipe... The second is in the powder room. My antennae are up on this home as I found a couple of other issues like no electrical outlet in the powder room and ceiling lights on AFCI's that suggest the home was built by a "jack of all trades"

Any help would be appreciated




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2 hours ago, mjr6550 said:

I'm curious whether the pipe in the first photo that connects below the trap is for a vent?

The trap arm can't properly get air from that elbow and wye, even if there is a vent there.

The guy that did the plumbing was a rank amateur. There will be hidden plumbing issues as well.

We are not required to put lighting on AFCI's in Canada, but it is optional, certainly not prohibited. Sometimes it is done to save wire, and that's ok. However, Quebec is kind of like Chicago, as they have rules of their own.  

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