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Tub/Shower Step


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i attempt to skirt code citation on old construction dif on new but do know where to find when challenged & would say something along the lines of

the stair does not appear to meet minimum tread depth for secure footing & glazed tile at damp/wet locations presents a known slip/fall hazard...ymmv


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Yes Jim, the step is what I was referring to. For some reason I was under the assumption that steps to showers were prohibited. Checked with the local building inspector and he notified me that they are not prohibited but still require proper step dimensions. If it was in a commercial property and not a home it would be a different story. Still a bad idea in my opinion, bound to be some wipeouts.

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It looks like a hazard, so I'd at least talk about it and probably include it in my written report. Then offer a solution, such as changing it to a walk-in shower stall. 

Or they could spin the toilet 90 degrees and add a wider step, maybe.

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