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Fun Design Challenge

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$4 million dollar house the builder probably agrees with you on the fun. A $1 million dollar house they'd have been calling you Martha Focker. 

The last house I built was $1 mil. The stair didn't fit. And, out of 27 corners in front elevation, it had to be tucked into the one that was 3" out of square. 

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5 hours ago, John Kogel said:

Washing those windows will be a PITA.

They can do whatever they want, but if I was building for those prices, it would be an efficient design, not something that will need endless upkeep. On the upside, it will provide employment, and that's a good thing.


Not sure what you mean by an "Efficient" design.  The house surpasses energy code requirements. The exterior materials are low maintenance.

Worrying about window washing on a custom home is  like someone buying a Range Rover and asking only about the gas mileage.  The people that buy this house are not washing their own windows. They have people like us to do it for them!

I could only imagine what architectural design would be like if the main concern of the design was low upkeep. 

PS- I drive a VW


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16 hours ago, Marc said:

I would've preferred purlins.

There will be hurricane ties installed along the bottom plate. The plate ring is a continuous laminated circle and cannot deform. I suspect that will be the strongest roof in town!


The intersecting roof is more like a cricket and is built over the dome to divert water. It will not be seen from the ground.

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I just wanted to know what you meant by efficient design. No offense taken. Design aesthetic is subjective. 

I attached a few photos of other stairways we designed.

An engineer designs a stairway to allow people to travel from one floor to another. Function typically trumps aesthetic.

An Architect designs a stairway that does the same thing but also tries to make it a beautiful experience travel on the stairway.

Meanwhile the building contractor tries to figure out how to build what the architect draws.

Hopefully everyone works together to make it happen successfully.

A home inspector looks at it after it is built and tries to determine what is wrong with it.

Thanks Les!




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