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Just stupid or wrong too?

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One of my guys just sent me this pic. I'm looking it up but so far can't find anything in the 03' IRC. I'm thinking there's got to be something related to a burn hazard. (I could se a toddler sitting on it)

I did note the lack of safety rail at the right side of the pic. Any assistance (quickly) would be appreciated. I've got several other things to get done before my eyeballs explode!

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Hi Chris,

I dunno, it looks like it meets the 1ft height rule and I touch them all the time and I rarely find 'em hot enough to burn my hand. Still, it is puzzling. Wonder if one could legally fabricate a box out of wire mesh and put it around that thing to keep curious little hands and fingers off?



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Mfg. sez 1" clearance to combustible; it looks like you do because they got the collar for a standoff. Never found a B vent hot enough to burn anything, & I see several each week in this same general arrangement. This is Chicago, & they're cooking all the time; I always touch 'em to see, & they're always touchable.

If you got clearance to combustible, I wouldn't worry about it.

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Only thing I can think that might be comparable from a common sense standpoint is the 7' rule for plumbing vent terminations on a rooftop / deck. Why would a plumbing vent need to vent this high? I guess so that nobody sucks down sewer gas.

One might make the argument that a person shouldn't be exposed to the exhaust gasses spewing out the top of the B-vent either. Other than than, I couldn't find any thing specific in writing saying this configuration is dis-allowed.

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Originally posted by Jim Katen

G2427.6.5 says that gas vents have to terminate above a roof surface.

Is that a roof or a deck? What's the listing sheet call it?

If that's a deck, I'd say that the vent's in the wrong place.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

thanks, Jim, I thought of that too. The problem is that I'm not doing the inspection, and that call can be seen as splitting hairs- the AHJ blessed it. I had my guy call it out as a potential burn hazard-from a common sense POV. (BTW Kurt- I have felt those puppies get very hot!)

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Originally posted by gbrasseur

i know this is an old post, but figured I would respond. From the pic it looks like a roof. There sould be no less than 3 feet of clearance above the roof surface, and no less than 2 feet clearance above any surface less than 10 feet away.

Is that 3' rule local or new? As I understand the GAMA rules, it's 2' above any vertical surface within 10' and distance above the roof depends on pitch, with the minimum being less tahn 3' (I don't have my table with me right now)

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