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Coronavirus Disclaimer

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Without defining "showing" it's meaningless. As I understand the common meaning of "showing," it has nothing to do with an inspection. 

Also, it's impossible for anyone to attest to items 5 & 6 with honesty. Which means that pretty much everyone who signs it is a liar. 

I find such agreements despicable, but if I were to have one, I'd have my lawyer write something that basically says, "the undersigned parties agree to hold each other harmless with regard to COVID-19."  (I'm sure that the lawyer would drag it out into several paragraphs, but I would insist that it not contain any impossible clauses.) 


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No way would I sign it.  The realtor is basically dumping all risks into the lap of whoever signs it.

What the heck am I going to do should a 5th person walk into the house?  Looks like someone wrote it up in a pub.

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We signed one.  I called the Michigan Association of Realtors, the author, and requested they read it.  They did and agreed it was BS.  They wrote it.  They read it. They rejected it. Do the common sense thing(s). 


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