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looking for a freelance computer person


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I want to redesign an existing report format.  likely write a whole new app.  mostly looking for a person that has app writing skills and we will fill in the details.  Has anyone written their own other that what is available.  really don't want something that looks like homegauge etc. 


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Of the different report programs I used, as I subbed for other inspectors and had to use their systems, I liked Home Inspector Pro the original version, which I told the others about but everyone has their own favorite. The HIP report was a simple pdf. file that could be attached to an email or printed if they had to have paper.. There were no additional fees for the use of HIP, just the one purchase price and no need to upload reports to the Cloud, What a pain that is when you're all over the map searching for a wifi connection, cellphone hotspot with flaky cell reception, sheesh, that takes time. I couldn't work with a tablet, too awkward to take up the ladder, and too fragile to drop. Poking at the screen with your finger like a 2-year old kid. 😛

Each report when I used my own system was a simple pdf file, I attached a copy to a friendly email greeting and off it went. I had no trouble writing a 14 page report as long as my laptop was in working order, in about an hour. I'd take simple notes during the inspection because that is the only way not to forget something. I used a normal camera with flash and zoom, loaded pics into a file folder, had the report already started with a cover page, and some standard comments from a prior search of the listing, so a few minutes to load pictures into each page and write up the defects. I'd have three hours before meeting with the clients, and if they were a little slow arriving. I'd often have the report ready for them. I could always show them roof, attic and crawl pictures on the laptop after a walkthrough of the house.

Before sending, always check it again, and check notes and pics again, always.


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