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A Sobering Morning

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Well, I've just had both the fortune and mis-fortune of learning through a dentst's x-ray that there is something on both sides of my neck that demands further evaluation.

The scan circled futher around me than it's supposed to and picked it up purely by accident. They tried to rescan for confirmation and it would not scan that odd circumfrence a second time. If that's not divine intervention, I don't know what is. The images have been forwarded to a specialist.

Those among you that frequent The Throne Room, I'll appreciate your mentioning me.

Thanks in advance.


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Thanks for your support, guys.

I'm not all that concerned although I do very much believe in the powers that be and those who join their wills together.

Also, as Chad has said and I know, the way this was even detected was curiously exceptional.

Just waiting for further information and instruction.

You guys have a great day, week and Memorial Day Weekend knowing that good thoughts and vibes are coming back at you.

All the best.


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