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Black Rafters - Fire Damage?


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It could have been from poor ventilation but the roof looks brand new. If he's saying that the attic was poorly ventilated and he'd had to replace all of the roof deck due to that, I'd believe him. Looks like there's a lot more than that to worry about with that roof though.



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Mike and Les - thanks for reviewing this. Yes, I agree there are framing issues and I have recommended that these be further evaluated. Nothing has been done to improve the ventilation. This roof only has one small gable vent. The current roof covering is a single layer of composite shingles on the new OSB decking. Note - I have also may recommendations on modifications to the ventilation components.

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Looks like every other 100 year old piece of junk roof structure I look @ on a daily basis. Probably a mix of mold & other crud, but I also think it's just old lumber.

I see a ton of old lumber roofing that is the exact same color as this stuff.

The splits & other structural problems are another storyline, but it looks like normal old house repair stuff to me.

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Originally posted by dtontarski

This appears to be fire damage to me. The current owner claims there has never been a fire and that this is from poor ventilation and heat alone. Any opinions?

It looks nothing like any fire damage I've ever seen.

It looks a lot like old framing with a new deck.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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If it were fire damage the wood would be charred and the smell of carbon (soot) would be unmistakable.

Typicaly, the tip-off for fire is framing that has been painted with Kilz because that is the only way to seal in and eliminate that smell.

We had an Ozone room for furniture, furs, etc.. We'd pump the room full of Ozone which bonds with the Carbon to become Carbon Dioxide. That would completely eliminate the smell. If the furniture or garment cleaned up, it was fine.

But, it's kinda tough doing that to an entire house.

Disastor Restoration was my business between 1989 and 1994

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