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Romex clamps/bushings/connectors things

Chad Fabry

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Hi Chad,

Beats le hell out of me. I've never seen it before. Can't find anything like it in Douglas' book, Cauldwell's books or in any other references I have. It looks like it would be more appropriate for bringing two MC cables together into the box instead of NM.

OT - OF!!!


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(Dons flame retardant skivvies)

Is that EVER going to cause an issue? The clamp has a bushing that is protecting the NM cable as it enters the box. The electrician has stapled the NM about 4" before it enters the box. Unless the set screw has damaged the NM cable, I see absolutely no defect. You can interpret it ,technically, as a IRC violation, but my guess would be that that installation pre-dates any IRC rule.

Someone please tell me how this will effect the potential homeowner or their decision to purchase the home, in practical terms? I could see writing this condition up if it was one of several issues relating to an amatuer install, but if not, what is the problem?

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Hi Chris,

Now that Bill's photo has given me a chance to see the way the thing works, I'd say no. And I wouldn't call it as an IRC violation because in the second picture it is clearly labeled for NM. Like Chad, I never would have known it though, until I'd seen that photo or made a visit to the Electrical contractor's shop about 50 meters from where I'm sitting.

That screw is drawing the flat side into the other side and the NM will be gripped by those nubs on the plate. I'm presuming there is another group of nubs on the inside of the curved wall of that thing that are also designed to grip the NM from the other side and can't be seen. Looks like it will work for BX, MC and NM, just as it was labeled, so it's not a violation of anything really - just one of those weird things not many of us has ever seen.

One thing about this profession that's pretty common - we do tend to report stuff as being wrong, or proffer an opinion that our gut is telling us that it's not exactly kosher - when we aren't familiar with stuff and are covering our tushes. There's probably nobody in the profession who isn't guilty of having done so at least once.



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Hi Chris,

I have a simple criteria for reporting. If it's not right, it's wrong.

I didn't say their house would burn down, or that it'd make 'em sterile.

I'm not in a position to assume I know what's important to a buyer, so I tell them everything I can. It's their decision to act or not to act.

One home I inspected had three very nice bathrooms , all w/ pedestal sinks. I casually said " my wife wouldn't go for these baths because there's no counters to put her curling iron on." Right then my client said "that's it, we're done"

So, since then, I report what I see and let my client decide if it's important.

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Sorry for the late response.

Those connectors are fine with NM cable. I used them when I wired a 2,000 sq ft addition to my house in '92. I saw them at the electrical supply shop; the guy behind the counter told me they were the greatest thing since sliced bread so I gave them a try.

Once installed, they're fine. Running the cables through them is a giant pain in the butt though. The cables have to make an "s" curve as they pass through, making it difficult to install them. Also, if you have to stack up lots of them, for instance one in every knockout, they simply don't fit. Regular romex clamps will also accept two cables and are way, way easier to install.

If I saw them on an inspection, I wouldn't say peep. If someone were considering using them on an installation, I'd advise against it as they waste time.

- Jim Katen

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