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One man's honest criticism:

1. It looks like a bunch of other HI/contractor logos- a roof line. What makes it "pop"? Nothing. It isn't memorable.

2. With the colors you chose, you will pay more for every reproduction you do. If the blue was black, your production costs would be less.

3. Your name is "Serenity". The logo doesn't project that IMO.

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Remember you asked us!

Logo is too large for the name.

I see the logo rather than the name. Remember you will get business by your name not your logo. Think about Target and the bullseye and McDonalds and the arches - Target is a bullseye and a bullseye is a target but Golden arches is always hamburgers. Both are presented to everyone and everyone sees them. If you are veeeeery sucessful only a handfull of your clients will see your logo and almost no potential clients will, other than agents.

It is my strong opinion, after decades in this business, you need a logo, but it is mostly a vanity thing 'cause you will always be referred to verbally and Serenity can work! Your logo defies description.

By the way, I too think it is slick!

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What everyone else has said. Keep in mind what Chris pointed out about the colors. Two colors will cost more. The house scape takes up a large portion of the space. My eyes go to the roof line at first and then to the name. You might want to see what it would look like if the house scape was more like a watermark (yes this would even cost more to print). Then your company name would "Pop" and it would be the first thing you would see.

As it is now, it is nice and will work. My logo has morphed a few times of the past ten years. Now on my website, I don't even use the logo. One thing I have kept consistent are the colors that I use. I use Green on everything and I keep the same font or typeset one everything.

As for a Tag line? This is something that you need to develop over time. Take a look at all of the other home inspector websites. A good majority all look and sound the same. You don't want to fall into that category.

I would consider a "Mission Statement". Mission statements can change as your profession grows. They can serve the same purpose as a tag line.

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The logo is OK, but the goal of a logo is to be interesting and memorable, and that one is entirely forgettable. How many carpenter's pickup trucks are emblazoned with the company name and a hammer? Ho-hum. Still, yours is better than many I see. Truth to tell, I've never gotten around to even using one.

And (with apologies to Scott) be careful with mission statements. I've never read one that didn't make me laugh or gag. Not-for-profits need mission statements, HI's need taglines. Our "mission" is to inspect houses and potential clients already get that. Think about what your "niche" in the market is going to be, and your tagline will come.

Good Luck,

Jim Morrison

Princeton, MA

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I'd lose the roof lines. The overpower the name. I agree with Martin, scrap the house and just go with the company name. Plus, if you have serenityhomeinspections.com, I'd put the ".com" after the name in the logo.

I don't know what you payed for that logo, but gotlogos.com creates those type of logo's for $25.

Good Luck,

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