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Well you asked for it so here we go!

You need to do some proofing. I glanced over your site and found a few things that I would change. I only spent a couple of minutes so you might have some more that others will find.

Know what to expect by education yourself about the condition of your

future home


Our goal is to provide you with an unbiased opinion of the visible and

accessible area of the house at the time of the inspection.

If it is visible is is accessible. I would reword this.

Set a realistic selling price for your home based on information from

the inspection report

This sounds like you are providing a valuation of the home.

Eliminate last minute delays because the price has been negotiated

and disclosure has been made

Sounds kind of funny. I would reword or just drop it out.

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Increase your home's marketability with an impartial pre-listing

inspection report

It sounds like you wouldn't mind if the seller presented your report to potential buyers as an aid to the sale. I'd endeavor to not put that idea in anyone's head.

I'm 47 with a nice 17 inch monitor (19 should be here tomorrow) and I'd like less blue and bigger font.

How many folks work for your company? If it's just you, consider changing all the pronouns to singular. All of your potential customers have the opportunity to hire big insoection companies. Some folks are like me and actually look for small companies to deal with. I like the personal touch smaller companies provide.

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On your opening page, you left off some periods at end of sentences!

On first page, it sure seems like you are offering or trying to assist in valuation.

Too much blue.

What Scott and Chad said.

Are you an ASHI Candidate with logo privlidges?

How you fixed for socks and underwear?

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Only the opening page matters.

There's waaaay too many HI web sites that state "Why you should have a home inspection". Visitors to your site already know they need an inspection so tell them why they don't need to look at any other HIs' web sites.

The text that appears on that page also needs to contain keywords that people would use to search for an HI in your area. These keywords also need to be repeated in the meta tags to be picked up by search engines. Your meta tags only say that you used Yahoo SiteBuilder.

People also need to "meet you" on your web site before they would be comfortable selecting you to protect them from the evils of purchasing real estate.


I don't know why I'm telling you this, you could become a competitor and people have payed me to do this stuff for them.

Thanks for the link to the Chapter. If you're a member, let me know so I can get you listed.

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I see you now have your NJ H.I. license # listed on the website. Now list your address (no PO Box) and you'll be in compliance.

The radon info states that the test is picked up in 48 hours. I'm sure you realize that if a window is open when you arrive at the house, the test has to be a minimum of 4 days.

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