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Another Year

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Yesterday was my birthday, and as has been my custom for many years, I sit down and think about everything from the previous year to be thankful for (this moment of reflection almost always comes the day after my birthday as the ghosts of the birthday cocktails fade )[;)]

Pretty high on the gratitude list is the entire community here at TIJ. Thanks guys, for being a constant source of information and inspiration.


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Happy Birthday, Brad!

"Going to play with your friends?"

What my wife says as I sit down on the computer to check out TIJ each morning.

The fact is that it is a group of friends and you're right to be thankful. I'm sure that nearly all the regulars are also thankful for the camaraderie and brain power shared.

The few that aren't, are multiple personality psychopaths that are likely to be featured on the evening news as an "anonymous shooter"

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I have handled 10,20,30,40,50, and 60yrs.

Crap, can't remember what I was going to say!

Birthday anniversary reflections are a good habit. They mostly give you strength and can be done without any embellishments or puffery. Good for the soul!

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