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Will This Really Grow?

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The gas company put the meter there a little low. I would guess the owner raked up the dirt for the pretty flowers.

Eventually ,the gas company may take care of that,if it is a problem.

The shutoff is still accessible so maybe they could cover the thing some more and go to an estimated bill.

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I found one partially underground, like the photo, at a new condo. The local code Bubba was called in along with a gas company rep and to my surprise they made the installer elevate the meter. Not only on the one unit I called out, but on about 15 others that were also buried.

Sometimes things work like they should.

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Originally posted by SonOfSwamp

The safe play for the HI is to call the gas company (maybe email the pic, too), and get their spec for the meter installation. If the gas company says it's wrong, call it out. The owner can always ignore the HI's advice.

I think the gas company, once asked, will reply that the meter and the dirt have to part ways...


So here is the reply I finally got:

Dear Abe,

Thank you for your inquiry.

Per the customer's request, we would report to the location and raise the curb box so that it is accessible.

Best regards,

Melissa B.

Customer Assistance

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