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Those Lovely Lustrons.......Again

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A company that has contracted to remove the Lustron homes on the Quantico marine base is selling disassembled and crated Lustrons for $46,000.

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The price includes shipment to a place designated by the purchaser.

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4.92 KBThese are very unique all-steel homes, and, for a certain class of people, very desirable.

However, these homes are also very complicated and taking on one of these as a project will require a lot of intestinal fortitude and a substantial investment beyond the actual purchase price of the home.

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For more information click here



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Square foot costs to do one of these right is more than a similarly sized conventional stick frame/slab construction.

Be really into Lutrons if you get involved in one of them; it's relentless rounds of having to rethink every little detail and improvise custom solutions to a dimension set that's outdated.

I've been up close and personal w/2 of them in my career; one has to have a gear head bent. Fabry is vastly elevated above working on this sort of thing, but you'd have to have his sort of innate mechanical mindset to pull it all off and not have it be a piece of shit.

Walter w/a Lutron. Can you imagine?

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Originally posted by kurt

Walter w/a Lustron. Can you imagine?

Hey, I could hire a guy.

I've never gotten close enough to a Lustron to touch one. I assumed they sort of snapped together, like the metal panels used to build old army barracks.

That said, I've got a minor itch for a little prefab house at the farm in SC. Maybe something like this: http://www.weehouses.com/projects/weehouse.htm

Oh, while I'm thinking about it: I had a Corvair convertible. The one with four one-barrel carburetors. The air pressure in the engine kept blowing the spark plug wires off. I traded the troublesome little sumbitch for an Impala SS.


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Good.In my opinion,there seems to be lots of advantages of prefab or modular houses.

1, The prices generally run about 15% to 20% lower than other types of houses.

2, They are most likely to be more energy efficient than its traditional neighbors, because they are built in a controlled environment, produce less waste, and are assembled faster.

3, The best thing about modular homes is that you will have much more architectural freedom because they are built to local codes.

There are some articles from the website www.findprefab.comid="orange">, which provides some information about modular homes.

And the website is also an online directory for prefab or modular homes, commercial buildings and services, etc. There are different companies providing all sorts of information regarding prefab homes, including their websites, telephones, addresses and brief descriptions.

Have you guys got anything similar? We could exchange some tips. Thanks!

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My daddy bought a small lot and paid it off for $10 a month. When it was close to paid off he bought a "Liberty" home. 1800 sq ft

ranch style. The entire thing came packed in one box car, including real wooden barrels of nails. Every stick of wood was marked with a letter and number. Before we could afford the house we dug a hole and built a cinder block cellar. We decked it and then raised the front edge a few inches for drainage. Lived in the basement for a little over a year till they could afford the house. It was built to the speck of the plans for the house. When we could afford the house we lowered the deck and put the house up. The total house, including roofing, minus the foundation and finish plaster coat, (it included the plaster board) and fireplace was $12,100 Delivered to our rail siding. Why is life so complicated now?

P.S. I love Lustrons, and there are many in my area that sell for big bucks due to their locations.

Check out this site. http://www.state.ky.us/agencies/khc/his ... ction2.pdf

Into this 60 plus page article there is a picture of a Lustron home laid out on the ground. Great reading if you are into this.

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