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Rake edge made from bending fascia


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Do you mean the aluminum trim coil was bent at a ninety-degree angle? The siding guy would have done that, not the roofer. I see that fairly often, as it makes for a much neater edge, and assures that the wood beneath the metal is fully covered. Two inches would look pretty ludicrous. Around here, there's usually only a 1/2 inch or so that extends beneath the shingles.

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Originally posted by msteger

Never saw this until today.. 2 year old home that looks like the roofer bent the metal fascia as to also incorporate a rake edge.

The shingle overhang is approx. 2".

Something new or bad quality?

I don't understand what's going on from your description. Do you have a picture?

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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Hi Joe:

Similar to your photo above, but the rake edge is a little longer and comes out at more of a 90 deg angle (right underneath the shingle edge). In your photo above, the edge seems to come out at maybe a 60 deg angle upwards.

The rake edge that I am talking about appears to be simply a 90 deg bend along the top edge of the metal fascia and runs underneath the overhanging shingles.

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