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What is this treatment?

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Today, I had a four year old townhouse that had mold growth in the basement after construction was completed, but before the original buyer took possession. The builder had it remediated, apparently by spraying some kind of a white material on all of the I-joists and subfloor. It looks like they did a pretty sloppy job, as there are a lot of places it ran and dripped.

I've seen a similar material sprayed in an attic once or twice, but it was limited to small areas. This covers all of the first floor, floor framing. There are two very small areas that look like mildew (one is pictured).

  • Does this treatment look OK, or was it done half-@ssed?
  • Should I recommend additional treatment of those dark spots?
  • Am I being paranoid?

Thanks in advance.

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I would report what you see and disclaim, disclaim, disclaim. That looks like a law suit looking for a place to happen.

Recommend a third party mold remediation specialist be retained.

Then ask why there was mold in the first place. New construction or not, wood should be protected from the elements. There is no way to evaluate the condition of the wood with that covering (whatever it is) in place. I live in a drier part of the world and not familiar with the remediation processes, but just the look of that scares me!

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Looks like they did it wrong. You're supposed to clean the surfaces first with a cleaner containing QUAT. Then seal the surfaces with BIN shellac primer or Cold fog it with Concrobium.

Now you can cold fog surface mold with Concrobium with out cleaning the mold off first but because the stuff is clear the surfaces will alway appear moldy and that is why you clean off the mold and mildew first.

Whereas Concrobium will supposedly kill the mold, BIN primer won't but in theory will prevent moisture from getting to it if its applied enough. It never is.

I think in this case I would cold fog it with Concrobium. But from here on to eternity every time it gets inspected someone will probably write it up and even if the buyers are told it was treated they will be incredulous. The only other alternative is to break the sanders out, oh fun.

Chris, Oregon

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Concrobium does not kill mold. It is a mold control agent.

Yes, you're right. The mfg. makes no claim that it kills mold. It acts as a coating that prevents the film of moisture that mold needs to grow (encapsulation). And my understanding is that its formulated so that mold can't grow on its outward surface.

The great advantage that the product has is that you can treat all of the surfaces in your house even the carpets. Can't do that with BIN primer.

Chris, Oregon

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I buy abt 60gals a month of concrobium. approx $50 per. Works great in a commercial fogger and also with just a trigger can. We have abt a year experience with it and so far no problems! It will leave a very fine powder on surfaces, but just wipes off.

We use the ZEP mold killer for actually killing stuff. Stopped using clorine several years ago.

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