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I'm curious how often other HI's get tipped and what was the most or unique tip you've received.

My inspector called yesterday all excited. He'd received his first tip; $30. Then asked if it was okay for him to accept it. I immediately said "Heck NO!" "Bring it all to me immediately, I'll be at the Mexican resturant waiting on you to buy me lunch." He never showed, go figure.

I get tipped about a dozen times per year. The most I've received is $50.


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Last week an extraordinarily nice client literally shoved $40 in my hand as I was walking out the door. This happened even after she overheard the brokers discussing average inspection fees in the area are about 1/3 of what I charged.

One thing about tips, we used to get them all the time. It's always flattering, but eventually it dawned on me..."these people think I'm worth more than I do". So we steadily raised our rates to a more respectable strata and now gratuities are included. Now I get tipped once a year- maybe less.

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