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Website Critique Round 2

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Originally posted by Steven Hockstein

We are currently updating our Website and I know all of you love to inspect and critique so I would appreciate some constructive criticism.

One of my particular concerns is the speed at which our project gallery loads. We have a fast internet connection in here and I was wondering how the gallery loads with a DSL connection and from other areas of the country. We are still adding photos but before the additional time is spent I wanted to know if there are issues that need to be addressed.


Thanks in advance for you help.

Steve H.

We have worked on the site and based on much of the input we received, the website has been altered.

Links were added on every page, photos were made smaller to load faster, flash should be faster, graphics have been improved, etc.

Constructive critique is appreciated.


Steve H.

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I dunno,

When I read bills comment I envisioned something like a Navy blue background with blue text on it, but when I clicked the link I didn't find it to be so objectionable. Heck, I broke my regular glasses and have been wearing an old prescription for the past couple of months; even with these, I was able to read it easily and my eyes didn't give me any problems.



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Well, I have to admit, that's pretty tough on the eyes. That's almost exactly what I'd envisioned. In IE the background is a very light blue with darker bold text that stands out from the background. I never use Firefox, so I'd never realized that. Come to think of it, I probably should take a look at what this site looks like in Firefox. I've got that browser on here someplace; guess I'll check it out.

OT - OF!!!


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