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Level of drain pipe downstream of trap


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Look at the attached photo. First time I had noticed something like this until today.

I observed the higher portion of the drain trap under the kitchen sink actually rising slightly higher than part of the horizontal drain pipe coming out of the garbage disposal. The drain pipe coming out of the garbage disposal turns downward approx. 1.5" and then runs laterally until it meets the other drain pipe. When running water on the right side, gurgling can be heard through the disposal. How would you comment on it?


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You have an S-Trap there. Aren't gurgling sounds symptomatic with S-Traps?

It's not a genuine s-trap, it's an approximation of one made from spare parts. It only superficially resembles an s-trap.

Gurgling sounds are symptomatic of a lack of proper venting, not necessarily of s-traps in particular. (Though even genuine s-traps were seldom well vented.)

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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I could tell by the hoakie drain install that it wasn't right as I opened the cabinet doors. Looked like a 1st grader or drunk uncle Ned put this thing together with spare parts. Due to the kitchen window being right there at the sink, I wouldn't imagine the sink was anywhere else prior to the current install, but heck anything is possible.

There was a stack above this area and there was only gurgling when running water down the right side (non-disposal) drain. The gurgling came up through the disposal.

Thanks guys.

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