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Can you make it where forum posters must fill out a profile before being able to post?

That would include full name, town, state and valid email. I know it might cut down on the membership but it's hard to take someone serious when you dont' know who's posting.

If what they have to say is that important, then there shouldn't be a problem filling out a legitimate profile.


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I like reading profiles too. There have been many times when I feel a poster used language that left their comment ambiguous, either in the interest of brevity or by intent. At those times I turn to the profile in hopes of a little insight.

I read Mitchell's (allspec) almost every time he posts.

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How about a philosophical note for those who choose to remain anonymous? "One should keep his words both soft and tender, because tomorrow he may have to eat them". I don't believe I posted that!! Maybe I should listen to myself once and a while.


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