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Styrofoam Insul

Jerry Simon

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Those packaging styrofoam peanuts...

Added to an attic I just saw. Kosher, or a fire hazard, or???

Thanks for any thoughts.

I'd say it's not kosher. It didn't come with a label to tell you whether or not it meets the smoke developed and flame spread rating requirements.



R314.1 General. The provisions of this section shall govern

the materials, design, application, construction and installation

of foam plastic materials.

R314.2 Labeling and identification. Packages and containers

of foam plastic insulation and foam plastic insulation

components delivered to the job site shall bear the label of an

approved agency showing themanufacturer’s name, the product

listing, product identification and information sufficient

to determine that the end use will comply with the requirements.

R314.3 Surface burning characteristics. Unless otherwise

allowed in Section R314.5 or R314.6, all foam plastic or foam

plastic cores used as a component in manufactured assemblies

used in building construction shall have a flame spread index of

not more than 75 and shall have a smoke-developed index of

not more than 450 when tested in the maximum thickness of 4

inches (102 mm), provided the end use is approved in accordance

with Section R314.6 using the thickness and density

intended for use.

Exception: Foam plastic insulation more than 4 inches

thick shall have a maximum flame spread index of 75 and a

smoke-developed index of 450 where tested at a minimum

thickness of 4 inches, provided the end use is approved in

accordance with Section R314.6 using the thickness and

density intended for use.

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The home owner probably worked at the UPS Store and stole a bunch of the packing peanuts (technical name - "dunage") from work. I'd write it up as a non-listed type of insulation that is probably not fire rated.

Actually, there were a couple huge (human-size) unused bags of the stuff in the crawl space, but I didn't bother to read any labeling. I was doing a structural inspection only, and when checking the attic framing, that's when I saw the stuff. Again, later on down in the crawl space, I didn't even think to read the stupid labeling. I'm such a maroon sometimes.

Thanks for all the helpful info, though.

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